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Model interview - Melody Le

Posted on 25 July 2013

The gorgeous Melody who featured in our Sugar & Champagne shoot alongside Tanya Aalijani by Peter Coulson has been jetting around Europe. She was awesome enough to take the time for a little interview on her life.

I've worked with Melody pre Kisskill & love following her success with her modelling career - hope you enjoy this little insight into her life of late. Melody is a great model & a super nice girl. proud of you Melody!

Melody, since you have done our shoot for Peter Coulson we have been following your travels, looks like such fun! You're  living in Milan is that right?

Yes, I've been based in Milan for the past few months. It's been great having a European base as I've been able to travel to jobs around Europe and America which you can't easily do when you live in Australia. I can't say I'm fluent in Italian yet but I've managed to pick up a few phrases and the idea of ordering breakfast and a coffee is no longer intimidating ;)


It looks like you are very sought after in your modelling jobs, I saw a beautiful La Perla shoot. What are  some other highlights & favourite jobs you have done?

I love my job and being able to travel and work with great clients is definitely a highlight. I've done so many great jobs it's hard to pick favourites, but a lot of my friends are also in the industry so I definitely enjoy it when I do shows at home or shoots in Melbourne and I get to go to work with them! It always makes for a great day when you're familiar with the team you're working with and you can carpool home ;)


Whats your heritage that gave you these amazing genes!!?

My mum is of British heritage and my dad is Vietnamese


How long have you been a model & how did your career start?

I always wanted to be in the pages of magazines like the supermodels I looked up to when I was younger, so I did a modelling course when I was 15. From there I signed with an agency in Adelaide and started doing a few small jobs here and there, gaining experience while I was still in school. When I finished school I decided to move to Melbourne to model and from there I've travelled and worked full time modelling for around 3 years now.


Have you had many other 'normal' jobs?

I have indeed! My first casual job in high school was working at a Donut King franchise, I worked there for 4years through high school. I've also worked casually in retail and hospitality while I was modelling part time until I decided to travel and model full time. 


You were training a lot on your fitness, have you been able to keep up the regime while travelling?

This has probably been one of the hardest factors of travelling and working, but keeping a fit, healthy, active lifestyle is very important to me. It's hard to keep up with clean eating when you don't have time to prepare all your meals but if somethings important enough to you you seem to manage! There's lots of exercises I've learnt to do own my own at home or in hotel rooms when I can't make it to the gym or see my trainer.


On that note – are you enjoying the Italian food & whats your favourites?

I am indeed, I do allow myself to enjoy a beautiful meal or snack every now and then as keeping a balance is important. I've been lucky enough to dine at some amazing restaurants and sample local cuisines while I've been here and I've discovered that nocciola is now my new favourite gelato flavour!


Are you getting time to your self for travels & sightseeing or is it all work?

I do get a few days off here and there but I never know my schedule very far in advance so everything is very last minute. I've been able to sneak off to lake Como a few times which was beautiful and am headed to Monte Carlo and Nice this weekend for a quick getaway which I am super excited about!


Are you back to Melbourne any time soon?

I am actually back next month for a little bit which I'm really excited about! Although I'm from Adelaide, Melbourne is definitely home to me now and I can't wait to see my friends and head to some our our favourite cafes for a good old Melbourne coffee.


Whats playing on your ipod at the moment:

My iPod is always filled with a random mix of genres but my current favourite 'Running Tracks' playlist is filled with music from Cassius, Daft Punk, Skrillex, Bassnectar, Ellie Goulding & Avicii to name a few.


Tell us whats always in your bag as  travel essentials: 

My Phone- It's definitely my security blanket as I hate feeling out of contact

My Beats- You always need a good set of headphones for long flights & killing time at airports

Lip Gloss- My favourite YSL lipgloss never leaves my bag, I keep one at home and one on the go at all times

Polaroid Camera- I have a mini polaroid camera & it's my favourite toy, I always travel with it!


Describe your sense of style & any new fashion buys since you've been in Europe:

I don't really see myself as having any particular style.. I just wear what I like :) I have been pretty good with not over indulging in purchases while in Europe but I have enjoyed having access to all the current, in season designs ahead of Australia and the amazing sale season!


What models do you look up to & admire?

The first model I saw in the pages of a magazine that really stood out to me was Adriana Lima. At the age of 11 I decided I wanted to be like her and to this day her amazingly long and successful career is still an inspiration. 

I have to say I admire models such as Hedi Klum, Miranda Kerr, Elle Macpherson & Tyra Banks as they have used their modelling careers as a platform to launch into successful business ventures. Modelling can be a short lived career but these women are obviously both intelligent and business savvy to have created their own brands & companies which all have worldwide recognition and success. 


Thanks Melody for a little glimpse into your glamourous life & looking forward to seeing what you do next! 

Jane xx

these pic's of Melody were taken by the same photographer of the 'licence to kill' shoot of Chrissy - Bernard Guiet

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