We are Women. And We are angry.

By April 2024, the number of women killed by a current or previous intimate partner had risen almost 30% compared to April 2023.

As a women owned and women run business, we are devastated at this statistic and fearful for the future of our community. Intimate relationships should be all about trust, safety and respect. But whether a partner or a stranger, women deserve to feel safe and respected in everyday life.

We're done with the violence from men, the avoidance of responsibility and implication that breaking the cycle isn’t their problem to solve. We’re sick of the victim blaming, fear of walking alone and having to text our friends that we made it home so they don’t suspect the worst.

We have a voice, and it will not be silenced. We’re speaking up — loudly.

We want to be SAFE, we want to be RESPECTED and we want to LIVE.

Kisskill | fivekisses team


Our store is and always will be a SAFE SPACE. Whether in-store or online, we will always provide a listening ear to our community and direct towards help and guidance.

We have collated a list of resources that will live on our site forever as SAFE SPACE, for those in need of support against sexual, domestic and family violence.

Whether you need guidance or support for yourself or someone you care about, our SAFE SPACE resource is here to stay.


We love women, we support women, we celebrate women. Yet, sometimes being a woman in this world is fucking exhausting.

But, you aren’t alone and never will be.

Although we are a small business, we are bigger than just lingerie. We are a safe space, with an amazing community that deserves to be seen AND heard.

At Kisskill, we will always support your full expression - the good, the bad, and the angry. That’s why, from now on, we are introducing a permanent outlet for you to get it off your tits.

We want to cover a wall in our Chapel Street store with your thoughts or feelings, your questions or concerns - anything and everything that would feel good to get off your chest and may spark a conversation.

Whether you spill your mind onto a post-it and slam it onto the wall in-store yourself, or join the conversation through our DMs, each note and every message will be added to the wall and serve as a powerful and permanent reminder: women have a voice, women have a choice, and we refuse to be silenced.

Share as much or as little as you’d like, but we will ensure you remain anonymous. No topic is off the table - from the trivial to the traumatic, let KissKill help you to get your frustrations off your tits.

We are proud to be loud. Girl power is going nowhere.