Sexy dates at home DO exist.

Date night, but make it spicy… literally.
Step into the kitchen with your lover, tastebuds tantalised, arousing aromas filling the air, the gentle touch of hands intertwining as you chop, stir, and sizzle creating an air of intimacy and an unforgettable evening.

Step 1: Select the perfect outfit
Forget the old adage ‘If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen’... we want this kitchen to be positively steaming! Slip into something that makes you feel confident and utterly irresistible. Encourage your partner to do the same. Show some skin in lingerie or a silky robe… The challenge will be not getting too distracted from the task at hand!

Step 2: Choose your menu
Experiment with aphrodisiacs like chocolate, figs, oysters and strawberries, both in the kitchen and in the bedroom, to leave you feeling: Thoroughly. Satisfied. Research recipes that incorporate these ingredients and choose ones that you both find enticing. Read on for some of our favourite aphrodisiac-rich recipes!

Step 3: Set the mood
Transform an ordinary evening into a sizzling, sensual experience, heating up more than just your dinner. Turn your space into an alluring haven. Dim the lights and set up candles throughout the room. Choose soft, sensual music to create an intimate atmosphere. Consider adding a hint of enticing fragrance to heighten the senses even further!

Step 4: Prepare seductive cocktails
Start the evening by creating seductive cocktails together. Look for recipes that incorporate aphrodisiac ingredients like pomegranate, ginger, or vanilla. Experiment with mixing flavours and garnishing with sensual touches like edible flowers or a sprinkle of cinnamon.
Step 5: Collaborate on preparation
As you begin cooking, collaborate intimately on every step. Share tasks like chopping vegetables and seasoning dishes. Take your time to savour the textures, scents, and tastes of each ingredient, together.

Throughout the process, exchange flirtatious touches and glances. A gentle touch on the arm, or a whisper in the ear will intensify the atmosphere and build anticipation for what lies ahead!

Playfully feed each other morsels of the ingredients as you cook. The act of feeding each other builds connection and heightens anticipation for the… ah… ‘main course’.

Step 6: Create a sensual presentation
As you plate the dishes, take the time to arrange them artfully. Pay attention to presentation and garnish with edible flowers, fresh herbs, or drizzles of decadent sauces. The visual appeal of the meal will enhance the overall experience.

Step 7: Savour the intimate meal
Sit down together at a dining table, or even on the floor - somewhere that is a special space created for your evening together, a variation of your ‘regular’ dining experience. Engage in intimate conversation, even utilising some fun games (we like 'Oral Fun - the game of eating out while staying in') to further the intimacy of the sensual affair unfolding around you.

Step 8: Indulge in a decadent dessert
Dessert in the bedroom is a cliche for a reason, because it’s the perfect way to end a seductive evening. Play with textures, tastes and each other's bodies. This is a no-cutlery zone! Let your imaginations and taste buds run free, as you finally reach the climax of your hot and steamy efforts…