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We’re constantly in awe of the amazing women that we get to meet in this line of work. After all, trying and buying lingerie is quite an intimate experience and we often find ourselves learning a lot about the women that visit our store… and in fact, creating friendships and connections. You know we’re all about women-led business and boss bitches… which brings me to two of the bossest babes we’ve met recently who invited us to be a part of their amazing event by women, for women (and those that identify as such).

Badder, bougier and bigger than before...

Bartier Beauty have partnered with Cinnamon & Spice to create an all-femme event with the aim of creating a safe space for women (and those who identify as such) to be inspired, feel luxurious and bask in each others glow.

About the event:

We aim to inspire and empower all women attending to pursue their dreams and goals and just overall self worth and connect with like minded boss babes.
Bottomless champagne alongside a custom selection of Rum cocktails (courtesy of Burn City Rum) paired with the delicious luxury vegan canapes by Cinnamon & Spice. 
Guests will be serenaded by the live melodies of Belle Bangard and MAYA, followed by DJ sets from Dijok and Nay Nay.
Join the conversation about women in business, entrepreneurship and diversity challenges featuring these amazing guest speakers...
Mikka Hendra
Olivia Escuyos
Dijok Mai
Every guest will leave with a ‘Bartier x Cinnamon & Spice’ gift bag including some exclusive offers and gifts from local female owned businesses. 
Dresscode: All Silk Everything; Come in your best set of silk pyjamas and lingerie. Keep it fresh, keep it sexy.
Flyyy af queenz you know what it is!
Bartier & Cinnamon & Spice

KISSKILL will be there, will you?! Purchase tickets here:



Tell us more about what inspired you to create this event?

Saarrah: After the success and positive response to my first event for ‘Bartier beauty’ it was a no brainer to keep going and growing! 

The energy was contagious and I was overwhelmed at how many beautiful young women connected and left so inspired.

I’ve always been passionate about leading and inspiring the youth to aim high and push the boundaries. Zali launching her catering business ‘Cinnamon & Spice’ is a prime example of what impact these events have.  

Connecting, inspiring and growing together is so powerful and we both aim to continue to share that success with our community. 

Why is women's empowerment so important to you?

Saarrah: Being an independent woman, I've had my fair share of life experiences and learnings. I’ve never really gone about life in a conventional route and fortunately my experiences have made me stronger and wiser. If I am able to share my experiences, views and thoughts with my community it's truly a blessing and very rewarding.

Zali: In the past women were not able to have a voice and feel strong and like they had a say in the world. Over the last decade we have been able to get our voices back, but still to this day there is a lack of self love, self worth and confidence. Empowering women is a fundamental right to women. Empowering women to stand up and take back what we deserve, like equal rights to participate in education, society, economics, politics and simply being treated with the same rights as men.

How do you see the business world for women, particularly in Melbourne? 

Saarrah: I see challenges in Melbourne just like any city particularly being a smaller city it can be quite competitive, this can make progressing a bit difficult.  What I do know is uniting and working together makes it a hell of lot easier! 

Zali: I see the business world for women in Melbourne growing so much, it’s been so inspiring seeing Melbourne grow into a community of like minded boss females. It was difficult not to be inspired to want to do something myself. It’s like a breath of fresh air really, seeing so many female dj’s, artists, creatives in all different aspects of life and especially so inspiring to see some many WOC getting the recognition they deserve.

...and any additional challenges for women of diverse ethnicities?

ZALI: There are definitely still challenges for women of diverse backgrounds in Australia. It is slowly changing but unfortunately there is still a stain especially when it comes to representation of different ethnic groups. Speaking from a personal point of view  , As a model/creative I’ve had trouble answering people when faced with the question “what are you “ and having to justify my background  or having to stand still whilst people touch my hair. To some it may seem small but I’ve been an Australian and having to justify this to this day is really a shame 

How has your own personal experience shaped your opinions and passion about women's rights?

Having personal experiences of gender inequality has resulted in a higher drive to contribute in fighting for women to have the same access to opportunities as men. From my experience growing up as a mixed race woman in Australia I was constantly faced with different battles and this encouraged me to be strong and know that no matter what I look like, my race and my gender I can do whatever I want if I put my mind to it. Living in a man's world I have always been sexualised from a young age and the result of that was my passion for women to have equal rights and creating a safe space where women can connect and feel comfortable, without the male gaze.

What changes would you like to see?

I’d love to see more women empowering women and having events related to educating young women to chase their dream , starting their business and would take absolute pride in knowing I’d played a role in encouraging and uplifting another woman to take back her power. I want women to have a voice and be able to use it to make an impact in society .

Tell us a little more about your vision for the event - what’s happening, what you want people to take away from it?

All Silk Everything is all about connecting like minded boss babes. Exciting the taste buds with some luxury vegan delites and washing it down with some bubbly and signature cocktails, making new friends and celebrating female owned businesses. 

Honestly it’s like a party with a combination of Megan the stallion x Oprah as the hosts. 

We’re wholesome but ready to let our hair down!

Who are the speakers you’ve chosen, and why?

Introducing this amazing panel of guest speakers whom we’ve chosen simply because they are all extremely talented and passionate individuals from different industries and diverse backgrounds with their own stories to tell.

Mikka Hendra 

Olivia Escuyos 

Jaida The Creator

Dijok Mai  

Why ‘all silk everything’ is there a story behind that?! 

Saarrah: Silk attire simply because it's SEXY and BOUJEE my two favourite things! 

Zali and I both agreed we would like everyone attending to feel sexy and comfortable in their skin. 

Any more big, bad and boujee plans for the future?

Definitely! We aim to continue to grow our platform and bring Melbourne fresh and exciting inclusive events via our new agency that will be launching very soon. Lots of fun announcements coming soon so please follow our pages on instagram and keep an eye out @msakoojee and @cinamon_doll

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