Written In The Stars


Humans have been looking to the stars for thousands of years for divine celestial guidance. Even in 2021 every girl and her best friend routinely refers to Co-Star to evaluate their relationships, career choices, which outfit to wear… the important stuff, you know? Whilst this may not be the most healthy or objective way to make important decisions, it’s certainly not our most toxic coping mechanism! And sometimes (more often than not!) the traits in your starsign chart ring suspiciously true, even in the case of lingerie. Bear with us on this one…

When it comes to developing a personal sense of style, your starsign might influence your fashion choices more than you even realise. We’re certainly not experts in matters of the stars, but we DO know lingerie and from our small sample audience here at Kisskill (A Scorpio, Gemini and a Pisces) our starsign lingerie looks have a 100% accuracy rate! 

Whether you’re a sexy and seductive Scorpio, a romantic Cancerian or a show-stopping Leo - we’ve put together our top lingerie looks for each starsign.

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the fire signs

Characteristically known as being fiery (well, duh!) Fire starsigns can be emotionally intense, but we prefer to call it *passionate*. But don't let that scare you, these babes are also a lot fun! Creative, spontaneous... all of the traits that make things in the bedroom a little more spicy - there's that fire reference again ;)


21st March - 19th April

Energetic, confident and audacious, an Aries girl doesn’t stray away from a bold and commanding lingerie look! She wears the Dolce 3-piece set like it’s outerwear (and we wouldn’t put it past her to take this look to the streets!). Ever the thrill-seeker, Aries' girl is easily bored and craves excitement in her life… of course extending the same sentiment to the bedroom. You’ll find her wearing overtly sexual looks, taking on a dominant role and even indulging in some role play with costumes or a cute kitty mask! 


23rd July - 22nd August

The most extroverted of the starsigns, she is most definitely THAT bitch. Leo girl loves to stand out from the crowd, wearing fierce, attention-grabbing outfits. Roll out the red carpet for this babe as she arrives wearing the Olympia long sleeve bra crop paired with a figure-hugging corset to a dinner date or night out on the town… stopping traffic and turning heads in this seductive piece, fit for a Leo queen. 


22nd November - 21st December

You’ll always know when a Sagittarius babe is around, and if you don’t… she’ll soon make sure of it! Sag babe is the life of the party - free-spirited, playful and of course a little bit cheeky! She makes a great lover with her sense of adventure and up-for-anything attitude. Find her in an easy-to-wear piece like the Olympia bodysuit, allowing her to move freely in (and out!) of the bedroom, exploring new positions, sharing some ‘tricks’ from her repertoire and getting a lil kinky with cuffs and accessories!

the earth signs

Earth starsigns are known for being the most stable and grounded of the zodiac. They’re also deeply connected to the senses, and can get obsessed with their material possessions… Understandably though, when everything they own is just *so damn pretty*!


20th April - 20th May

Taurus women love sensuality and enjoy nothing more than a day at home, having a bath to a soothing playlist and snuggling up with their partner. Indulgence is priority for the ‘bull’ of the zodiac and she loves a life of luxury. You’ll find her lounging around by the fireplace in her Rozalia slip and matching robe… 

23rd August - 22nd September

The ‘Virgin’ of the zodiac wheel, Virgos are perfectionists who value quality over quantity. Attention to detail is a priority for the well-manicured Virgo woman, and she won’t settle for less than exactly what she wants (and why should she!). She accentuates her timeless elegance and purity in our Dolce three-piece set… in white, of course! Feeling a little more demure? Cover up and coordinate with the White Rozalia robe.


22nd December -19th January

The practical Capricorn woman is someone who commands respect. This ‘sea-goat’ moves between the physical and emotional realms… and her unwavering focus can make her seem a little ‘too cool’, but don’t fear - she can still be won over! Underneath that black Dolce bodysuit, she does have a playful side too ;) sometimes letting it peek out by accessorizing with a choker.

the AIR signs

Next we have the Air signs, notorious for breezing between one thing and the next and leaving a whirlwind in their wake. Known for their intellect and communication, these are the charmers and dirty talkers of the zodiac…

21st May - 20th June

The dynamic Gemini woman can be a lot to handle, but boy is she worth it! Known for their extraversion, mischievousness & charisma, Geminis (the ‘twins’ of the zodiac) are multifaceted and outgoing. Depending on which of the Gemini ‘twins’ is showing its face that day, you might find yourself feeling dominant, wearing an all black Rozalia slip with Paddle in hand! When the sweet side takes over, tone things down with the white Rozalia slip, taking cute to another level with matching white stockings and Dolce G-string.

23rd September - 22nd October

Ahhh, Libra. A woman of impeccable taste, she knows her aesthetics and how to carefully curate the perfect look. The sign of scales, symbolising balance, Libras might be the most indecisive sign of the zodiac… but only because they can see the pro’s and cons of everything! We advise Libras to keep it simple by highlighting their feminine beauty in our tight-fitting Olympia lace dress, but make it boujee with gold star pasties!  

20th January - 18th February

The Aquarius woman is the most rebellious and free-spirited of the air signs. She gives a big middle finger to authority and conformity, preferring to march to the beat of her own drum. The ‘water-bearer’ of the zodiac, she is a healer who brings change and empowerment to those around her. You’ll find her expressing herself through creativity and dressing boldly, such as in our Dolce bra and g-string set under silk pyjamas… as outerwear ;)

the WATER signs

These ethereal beings are known for their depth and mysticism. They are the most emotional and sensitive signs of the zodiac, revelling in passion, romance and fantasy. But make no mistake... in their watery depths lies power, and some darkness!

21st June - 22nd July

The 'crab' of the zodiac may be known for its depth and sensitivity, but Cancerians find comfort in retreating in their shell. The best way to seduce these homebodies is to appeal to their sentimental nature and win their loyalty. A Cancer woman is sweet and caring, and favours romance in almost every arena of life. Lingerie is no exception! If you are a Cancerian, await your lovers in the Dolce blush three-piece set... and they will work hard to make all your dreams come true!


23rd October - 21st November

The most alluring sign, these 'scorpions' may sting (or bite) but it's well worth it. They are notorious for being the kinkiest of the zodiac, with a magnetic presence and sex appeal nobody can resist. It might be impossible to tame a Scorpio, but why would you want to? Let them take you on a wild ride and you'll have the experience of a lifetime... Find her sporting handcuffs and our Olympia suspender set in black. The g-string? Crotchless, of course ;)


19th February - 20th March

Pisceans are the dreamers of the zodiac; they are the poets, artists and healers. These soulful 'fish' swim in the depths, bringing magic and reality together. Making love with a Pisces woman is always other-worldly... Appeal to her gentle sensuality with the sheer layers and soft fabrics, teaming our mesh Fiona bodysuit with the lace Olympia corset and black stockings.

Written and designed by; Jacqui Goral, Liss Marie and Twyla Sturzaker

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