• Cyber Sex Part Three: WEBCAM SEX

    Cyber Sex Part Three: WEBCAM SEX

       With the cessation of isolation comes the end of our three-part cyber sex series (wah). So, in honour of the virus that internet shamed us into completing 10 push-ups, we bring you our top 4 sexy truths that isolation taught us:     1. Video sex doesn’t have to be the most awkward sex If the idea of video sex freaks you out entirely,...
  • Cyber Sex Part Two: PHONE SEX

    Cyber Sex Part Two: PHONE SEX

      YOU KNOW WHEN THAT HOTLINE BLING   So, you’ve nailed the art of text sex. You have mastered the dirty message and conquered the slutty selfie. Your erotic dialogue is impeccable and you can seduce your virtual lover at the drop of a hat. You can write a message and climax simultaneously, all while holding an iPhone in one hand and a vibrator...
  • Cyber Sex Part One: SEXTING

    Cyber Sex Part One: SEXTING

    Three Part Series On How To CYBER SEX    With a global pandemic well and truly at our doorstep, we should all be practicing some serious sexual distancing. Whether you are in solo quarantine, or isolating with a partner who is driving you up the wall, now is the perfect time to explore some alternate ways to get off (all while keeping 1.5m distance)....
  • Who run the world? Celebrating IWD 2020

    Who run the world? Celebrating IWD 2020

    WHO RUN THE WORLD?! Celebrating International Women's Day 2020 What is International Women’s Day? Held annually on 8 March, International Women’s Day is a day dedicated to celebrating – you guessed it – women! Celebrated globally, IWD promotes gender equality, inclusivity, diversity, awareness and advocacy. With its beginnings over a century ago, IWD unites women’s allies and encourages change. This year’s theme, Each for...
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