Erogenous zones you never knew about


Erogenous zones you never knew about


We have heard it all before – nibble an ear, bite a neck, lick a thigh yadda yadda yadda – the list goes on. It is no surprise that stimulating these particular areas of the body can garner a certain reaction. You know, the type that leaves you hot and sweaty, salivating at the bit and wanting more? (Kind of like when I eat a KFC Streetwise feast!) But what about those other areas we don’t necessarily consider ‘sexy’? Could they be the secret ticket to mind blowing, out of this world, crazy-amazing sex?  


Erogenous zone?

If you are sitting there wondering what exactly is an erogenous zone, then you are in luck because Wikipedia exists and I am not in the habit of copying out definitions to fill in word count. Just kidding.

Basically, an erogenous zone is a sensitive part on the body that can cause sexual arousal when it is touched or stimulated. These zones can be found in many different areas and will be dependant on the individual. Some of the most obvious examples include the clitoris, the frenulum, the nipples etc. Other common hot spots are the neck, the inner thighs, and the ears.

 Of course, there is no one size fits all and arousal will differ person to person. The best way to discover which buttons to push is to take the time exploring your and your partner’s bodies, listening to any desires and fantasies along the way.

These are just a few erogenous zones that you may consider experimenting with during your next romp-a-thon. Whatever floats your sexual boat, it is important to remember to communicate with your partner so that you both can enjoy safe, consensual and fabulous sex.   




Now, most of us have attended on a hairdresser. You arrive at the salon, sit down with your skinny cap and scotch finger bickie and start flicking through an OK Magazine from three decades ago. Next thing you know, the stylist starts doing these things to you. She pulls out some oils and works her way along your scalp and neck, gently massaging your head until you are so relaxed you have drool trickling down your chin. It ends and you leave the salon with a less than to be desired interpretation of a “Rachel from F.R.I.E.N.D.S” haircut and a set of bangs that leaves people wondering who hurt you. 

Now, I am certainly not saying that Karen from Christiane’s is getting me all hot and bothered in my salon scoop chair, but there is a reason why head massages feel So. Damn. Good.  

According to my vast (and credible) anatomical research, the scalp is home to a plethora of nerve endings. WOW, SCIENCE! This means that by manipulating this area in the right way and in the right environment, you can add some serious sensual pleasure to your sexual play.

 Try running your fingers through your partner’s hair and giving them a gentle scalp massage (paying close attention to the nape of the neck and behind the ears) during your next make out sesh. When things start to ramp up, heighten your partner’s arousal with a gentle (or rough) tug of their hair.  

The best part about about this one is that it looks innocent, so you can quite literally experiment with it in public. Next time you’re out doing some mundane task, like perusing the aisles of Coles for the best deal on toilet paper (Quilton 20 pack for $10 #notspon), dabble in some head play with your partner. This unsuspecting hotspot will have them melting before you even walk in the front door!





I am the first to admit that the navel borders on territory obvious when it comes to turning things up in the bedroom. After all, it is a mere hop skip and jump to everybody’s favourite – the genitals (EEEE!).

The key to nailing this particular area is in the execution. Linger just a little longer as you lick and kiss your way down your partner’s abdomen, stopping just before you reach the pubic mound. For added tease, trace your finger down the stomach slowly, again stopping before you reach the genitalia, and circle back up. The anticipation will drive your partner wild and have them yearning for more.

Some women can also experience external G spot stimulation when targeting this area in a specific way. Experiment by exerting a certain amount of pressure (communication is key) and pressing down on her abdomen, just below the belly button. For added pleasure, place a finger inside her for internal stimulation.  





As someone who is notoriously “pongy” (my boyfriend’s indictment), how an ARMPIT can be considered sexy totally escapes me. However, apart from being a literal cavern of sweat glands, the armpits are super sensitive, which makes them a playful and tantalising erogenous zone to explore.

Have your partner run their fingertips (or tongue) lightly over your underarm, just enough to graze the skin all the way down to the wrist. The heightened sensitivity may give you instant goosebumps, but as your partner increases the pressure, you will turn from tickled to titillated in no time. Introduce a feather into the mix for some added bedroom fun.


Hands & fingers

More commonly associated with giving pleasure, rather than receiving it, we sometimes forget that hands and fingers are erogenous zones in their own right.

Not only are our fingertips and palms full of sensitive nerve endings, there can be something deeply erotic about holding and caressing the hands of your partner. Trace your partner’s palm with your finger, starting in the centre and slowly circling to the outer edges. Maintain eye contact to heighten the intimacy between you.  

 If you really want to take things to the next level, suck your partner’s fingers slowly, one by one. The visual of your sucking their fingers is a sure fire way to get you from zero to TAKE ME NOW.


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