Celebrating Self Love: Masturbation May 2023

Welcome to Masturbation May, a month dedicated to celebrating solo pleasure, orgasms, and self-love. In this article, you'll find tips for getting in the mood and exploring masturbation alone or with a partner. We also provide a pleasure-aid buying guide, share interesting stats and stories from our community, and even reveal your favorite slang words for masturbation.

So, as we’d often say to ourselves at the beginning of any good self-pleasure session... Let's dive in!

At Kisskill, we're not only lingerie enthusiasts but also passionate about sexual wellness and fulfillment. We believe that this can be achieved, and even mastered, without a partner. Masturbation is not a dirty word or a taboo subject. We aim to break the stigma around self-pleasure and make it a normal and shame-free topic of conversation.

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New to masturbation?

Everyone's journey with self-pleasure is unique. However, if you’re just starting your journey there are few simple steps that can help you get into your ‘groove’. Start by finding a comfortable and uninterrupted space where you can fully relax and immerse yourself in the experience. You can set the mood through self-massage or by exploring erotic content. Take your time and experiment with different sensations to discover what feels good for you. Don't feel discouraged if reaching orgasm is challenging; the focus should be on enjoying the journey rather than putting pressure on the end result.

Our pleasure-aid buying guide
- solo play -

Exploring mutual masturbation

While self-exploration is wonderful, mutual masturbation can be an incredibly enjoyable experience with a partner. It enhances intimacy, allows you to communicate your preferences, and can be sensual and erotic. Trying different positions adds to the excitement!

Get creative…

You don’t have to always be facing each other – play around with your positions! Partnered self-pleasure can be even more intimate and sexy when your bodies are in contact, too.

Some different positions you could try include:

- Lying on your sides, facing each other, legs intertwined - great for an intense session, with lots of deep eye contact and making out

- One person sitting up against the headboard, the other facing forward in their lap, off-centre so you both have room to reach your genitals - maximum skin-to-skin contact for all the yummy vibes. And the best part? The person at the back can lean forward to kiss (or bite) their partner’s neck and whisper dirty things in their ear. Hot!

- ‘Makeshift missionary’, where one partner lies on their back and the other on their front beside them, with legs intertwined or not - good for simulating missionary without the penetration.

And if you’re wanting to spice up your session even more, here are some smokin' hot ideas to try when self-pleasuring, together:

- No-one cums until you’re both ready to - This is a great way to tease and edge each other; for example, right when you know your lover is getting ready to blow, slow your own rhythm back down and cheekily let them know that you’re not done yet.

OR, the opposite:

- Try to make them cum first - Whoever cums last, wins. Know their deepest fantasies and hottest kinks, or how to dirty talk them just the way they like? Pull out all the dirtiest tricks in your arsenal to get your partner so hot and bothered (without you physically getting them off) that they just can’t control their climax… and watching them go over the edge can be your reward.

- Role-play - Come up with a scenario you both love about why you’re ‘not allowed to/shouldn’t go all the way, but…’ And don’t be afraid to get kinky! YUM.

Ooft. Have we got you hot and bothered yet?

Our pleasure-aid buying guide
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How do you stack up against the Kisskill following?

We asked you to share your feelings on the matter and my oh my, you lot are a saucy bunch... and we ain't mad! Our aim through this blog is to show that there is no shame in masturbating, that waking up dry humping your bed really isn't that weird, the messed up intrusive thoughts you get while mazzing? Yep, not weird either. Here’s what you all had to say on the topic!

We asked the Kisskill community how often you masturbate:

- 18% of you are hardly doing it?
We can only assume it's because you're getting nookie instead (happy for you).

- 45% of you are doing it a couple of times a week - those are rookie numbers we gotta pump that up! Proud of the 15% gang who do it multiple times a day - do you work from home or are you rubbing one out at work?

- Then we have our 22% club who have cracked the code by mazzing daily for inner-peace. I'm sure if you asked them they would tell you they are better people for it.

Turns out most of you are doing it in bed and at night. Ahh yes, nature's sleeping aid. The rest of you are doing it in the shower or bath, and in the morning. I really do love a good shower head. Not always the best spot logistics-wise, but if you can manage to sit on your shower floor with legs up on the shower screen without hurting yourself, it is A LOT of fun.

You told us your favourite slang words for masturbating... Can I say, it was a fun day here at KK headquarters.

Our top five were:
-Spinning some tracks
-Stroke session
-Flicking the bean
-Jerk off
-Rub one out

The most unusual people you are mazzing over include;
- Your ex’s new girlfriend
- Work colleagues
- Your best friends Dad
- The local barista

It's not surprising that 50% of vagina owners said they need clit stimulation to reach orgasm, and 32% said they need brain stimulation. Yes, movies and porn have been lying to you. Connection and chemistry is horny. The majority of you experienced your first orgasm by accident or by masturbation. Iconic. Only 21% of you experienced it through sex, not surprisingly.

You gave us your best tips! We’re so impressed, we've taken notes. We suggest you do too:
- “Hitachi. That's it”
- “Don't rush it”
- “Always under a blanket”
- “Warming up my ladies on a warm washcloth, we been on the temp play hype :)”
- “Add lube if you need, make sure your space is stress free, charge your toys”
- “Make sure my body is warm! Hot shower/under blankets”
- Get inspired, get horny and stay sexy!