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Meet the ever fabulous, My Lingerie Addiction

by Rhiana Dabboussy 10 Jul 2018 3 Comments

KISSKILL chats to always effervescent and truly talented lingerie stylist, My Lingerie Addiction.

Undergarment enthusiast My Lingerie Addiction is more than just your everyday lingerie collector. With over a decade of styling under her belt, Shiori (as we like to call her) has worked for and collaborated with some of the industry's finest. From glamorous supermodels, to renowned photographers, Shiori has dedicated her life to her art; and focusses on shifting the stigma that lingerie can only be seen as sexual.  

Read below for our full interview.

 Shiori wears the Tiah bra and Scarlett robe in black.

A lot of stylists would stick to traditional clothing/outerwear pieces when creating looks, why did you pick lingerie?

Lingerie has been my industry for 15 years. During that time I didn’t often get to see lingerie used in shoots, apart from being hidden under the layers of fashion photography, sexualised images in badly fitting garments, or campaign shots showing a smiling woman in her t-shirt bra (a smile was meant to convey comfort...). 

Australia was so far behind in the balance of styles and imagery shown. European lingerie opened up my eyes to classic styling and comfort combined. I wanted Australians to see garments that were not only beautiful, but also practical, sensual, comfortable and well fitting. Even in campaigns nowadays, the garments often don’t fit. And that is seen as the norm. It really shouldn’t be. 

How long have you been a lingerie stylist and how did it all start?

I started sort of in reverse to most people! I used to design lingerie and had to style shoots using my products. Then I worked as a bra fitter for a high end European import company. Working with such diverse clientele showed me how much people weren’t exposed to here: how little, we as women, are actually shown when it comes to lingerie. I wanted people to see the diverse lingerie styles, body types, and brands that were actually available to them; garments that weren’t just a functional piece or sexualised garments. I wanted people to see the in between that I saw. So I started styling photo shoots, clients, and tried to broaden people’s opinions on ‘lingerie’, because ‘lingerie’ isn’t a sexual word. Lingerie is a part of fashion. 


Shiori styles Stefania in the Bianca bodysuit - now 75% off


Shiori styles Juliette in the Star High Neck body, Bond Zip g string, and Addict suspender.


Shiori styles Juliette in the Tiah bra and knicker, and Fiore robe in ivory.

What's your philosophy on lingerie? Is it something you like to wear every-day or do you save it for special occasions? 

Lingerie to me is just an undergarment. The word itself, 'lingerie', has become known as a sexy piece or non practical. This just isn’t the case. I wear lingerie everyday. As do most women. Be it a classic beige t-shirt bra and cotton tails, to black lace and suspenders. I wear garments I am not only comfortable in, but items that enhance my personality. It’s not on show; I can wear my daily ‘uniform’ over the top and still feel like myself underneath. It is a part of personal expression, as well as comfort for me...

and I am just not a ‘beige t-shirt bra’ personality. 

How many pieces do you have in your lingerie collection?

Oh, don’t even ask! I have been buying for two decades, so the collection is large. Not that it all fits me anymore. Each year I find certain pieces that I do gravitate towards for daily wear. My collection has its own apartment... but that’s another story! 

 What is your favourite Kisskill item, and what is it you like about the brand?

My favourite daily wear piece is most definitely the Dolce half cup. I have multiple colours of the same shape. It is comfortable to wear every single day and is always eye catching. Being a 12E means I struggle to find bras that are both functional and beautiful, and hands down, Dolce wins every time. Oh also, the Fiore robe! Best outerwear piece! Oh wait, and the Rhiana slip. Shit! There’s more! 

What I love about the brand is its quality and design. Independent brands always hold my heart. No mass production. Attention to small details. Passion for what they do. Most lingerie brands, in Australia especially, are owned and run by big corporations, or they are small indy labels designing and making garments themselves. KissKill is the 'in between' of the two; being able to maintain quality and unique design, whilst still being able access production at a very high level, which is actually very rare. It is a self funded business that has been able to reach out to the general public as fashion and undergarment at the same time. 

Where do you think the future of lingerie is headed?

Lingerie to me is a staple piece in your wardrobe, and I think women are starting to understand that by buying quality garments, as opposed to ‘fast fashion’ pieces that we are used to buying, just like outerwear. Throw it out in three months...

Your quality pieces should be shoes, jacket, handbag, lingerie. Lingerie can be your support garment as well as your statement piece. Think of it as jewellery too. A unique item that never dates. 

 What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you whilst working in lingerie?

Things that I used to think were ‘weird’ I realise now, actually aren’t. Working in this industry means you get to experience so many different personalities. People open up to you in ways you’d never expect. It's such a nerve racking experience for many, standing semi naked in front of you, being fitted. And what I used to think were ‘weird’ occurrences, just aren’t anymore. 

 What 3 things would you take on a deserted island and why? 

Lingerie related? None! I’d be totally nudie rudie!

If I’m not being practical, then I’d say paper and pencils, so I can write and draw and still express myself. And a comfy pillow to rest my head on and snuggle and call ‘Wilson’! He can be my friend and lover and comfort. Wilson!!! Wilson!!!! 

 Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I had a goal to change the lingerie industry, within Australia especially. It’s been happening for a while now. I will see where the path leads me as life goes on. But part of it, well it’s a secret! Shhhh! 

Shiori wears Glam Feather robe (top) and Addict High Waist Knicker (bottom) STOCK RETURNING SOON










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25 Jan 2020 MkcKsuoarACL


16 Jul 2018 Kisskill

We completely agree with you! As a stylist, I have dressed numerous males in lingerie and am always happy when someone feels comfortable enough to actually tell me that the lingerie is for himself. Most clients are genuine in their desire to make sure a garment fits and looks good on them before purchasing; just the same as women. When it comes to styling men, it is exactly the same. I see no difference. Something that works for their body, is comfortable, looks good, and is a style they want to wear.

16 Jul 2018 J

I have a personal belief that Lingerie should be worn to illicit confidence and sexiness within ones self not just to illicit lust, desire and sex appeal. Having said that what are your thoughts on males wearing lingerie, not in a fetish or kinky way but to experience the feeling of confidence and sexiness that lingerie can do for women any day of the week without anyone thinking anything of it? Finally how would you, or do you style lingerie for men?

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