Did you know that this month, treating yourself to lingerie = helping out your sisters?!

For the entire month of September, as part of the Liptember movement, we at Kisskill will be giving away a free Carmex lip balm with every purchase. All proceeds from the lip balms go to the Liptember Foundation, to raise funds and awareness for women’s mental health. 

The Liptember Foundation is an Australian not-for-profit that was created in 2010 with a focus on women’s health, to fund more accurate research and effective programs to support women.


1 in 3 women will experience anxiety and 1 in 6 will experience depression in their lifetime, and suffer from PTSD at higher rates than men. 

We live in an unequal world, and with the global crises occurring the gender disparities are growing larger. The Covid-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected women, with lockdowns causing entire industries to close their doors - mainly female-dominated industries such as childcare and hospitality. In Australia, women make up a larger percentage of the part-time and casual workforce, which have particularly suffered due to lack of government financial assistance. 

Since the pandemic, violence against women has increased, with victims impacted by greater than usual stresses and often being isolated at home with abusers. Additionally, women are burdened with more unpaid labour, often having to take on more responsibilities of household chores or childcare, even if they have a partner that is also working from home.

And, let’s face it - lockdowns can be pretty depressing. We aren’t able to see our friends, meet new people, or get out of the house except for that much-anticipated grocery shop. The mental health of the collective is worsens the longer lockdowns go on; Lifeline recorded its busiest ever day this August, with 3,345 calls made to them in one day alone.

These tragic statistics point to a need to focus on advocating for women’s rights, health and mental wellness. This is the aim of Liptember - to start conversations around women’s issues, encouraging people to speak up, and ultimately get help to those who need it. 


You can fundraise either by yourself or with a team, by registering at and rocking your Liptember lipstick throughout the month.

And don’t forget to reach out to your friends! Especially during lockdowns, so many people are suffering isolated from one another. If you’re not a big texter or into phone calls, you can show your love for your friends even simply by sending them memes on Instagram or photos of your furbaby (or furbabies!). 

The important thing is to start the conversation. Share your experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly… and help normalise mental health issues. We’re all human, after all! And remember, it’s not all doom and gloom. We aren’t alone… and by shopping at Kisskill, we’re also helping the community! Why not take a selfie in your favourite lipstick, with your favourite Kisskill set… and tag #liptember and #kisskilllingerie to help start the conversation today.

Self-care has never been as needed, and it’s important to look after your mental health as well as your physical body. Remember, let’s look out for each other - we can get through this and we can have fun doing it! Give yourself and your friends some love today <3

Written by Liss Marie


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