Keep it sexy!

This weekend I saw an advertisement on TV, a couple wake up, look at each other lovingly - camera pans out. They are wearing matching duvet suits. The move to the couch & watch TV. 

This product is advertised as a perfect mothers' day present. If your at the point in your relationship where the Duvet suits seems like a great idea, i think it might be time to get off the couch & get your mojo back! So you've been together 10 years & have seen and done it all? No excuse - it's about repackaging. 

As a designer of beautiful things for women, I have over the years been thanked by my friends & customers partners for their sexy gifts or purchases. Glad to help guys!!  They are often told to go back & get more. This doesn't happen with shoes!! Its a win win, girls have something beautiful that makes them feel good & the guys love what they see. 

If you are wearing beautiful lingerie during the day under your best outfit, you'll feel confident and feminine. Most of my customers are in their 30's - 40's and some of my racier designs have been snapped up by women much older than this. It's about confidence & femininity and feeling as good as a lingerie model no matter who you are. If your not into skimpy lingerie, something as simple as a glamorous robe over a sexy slip or beautiful silk pyjamas can be enough to make you feel amazing. 

Keep it sexy! xx  


(images sourced from the internet & not our own.) 

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