Cuffing Season is upon us!

Tis’ the season… to cuff. 

Sure, we’re all about that ‘Miss Independent’ single life. But, when the temperature drops, you can’t blame a girl for getting a little thirsty... and sometimes unashamed coupling sets in.

As the old saying goes, a relationship is either for a reason or just a season. Well, the purpose of your…cuff-ee (sure, let’s go with it) is to simply last you through the cold, long and lonely winter months. When you see the leaves fall off the trees, you know it’s time to ‘lock down’ a significant other, for the...

Celebrating International Whores’ Day - Wednesday 2nd June

Celebrating International Whores’ Day - Wednesday 2nd June

Using the word ‘whore’ against someone insults them on the premise that being like a sex worker is a negative thing (and often, the worst thing you could imagine). There is so. much. stigma. against sex workers and anyone associated with sharing their sexuality liberally or in exchange for money. And it manifests in discrimination, violence and so many other damaging ways.

Let’s break down the meaning of this word... and consider why reclaiming it can be so damn powerful!

INSIDE-OUT: Spotlight on the sexiest items in our closet with Lingerie-as-outerwear looks!

INSIDE-OUT: Spotlight on the sexiest items in our closet with Lingerie-as-outerwear looks!

It should come as no surprise that we're obsessed with Lingerie... shocker, right? So much so, that we want to show it off ALL the time, not just keep it under wraps.

Some of our favourite (and sexiest) items in our closets are Lingerie. Sadly, these get demoted to the back of the wardrobe, waiting for a rainy day! Or, at the very least spend most of their time under layers of clothes.

It may seem unconventional (but hey, we're here for it) and slightly challenging, but there are actually tonnes of sexy and stylish ways to...

Cheeky and playful looks made to tease

Cheeky and playful looks made to tease

Our newest collection includes practical and flattering pieces as well as cheeky and playful looks made to tease. For the fun and flirty long lunches, that turn into steamy nights and intimate encounters over one-too-many red wines!

The Five Valentines Day Clichés

DID YOU KNOW you can still have an awesome Valentines Day regardless of your relationship status?

CAN YOU BELIEVE that you don’t have to cry yourself into a Ben and Jerry’s black hole if you don’t have a date?

Read on to discover which type of gal you are this Valentine’s so that you can make the most of this annual day of luurrrvveee. 

Edgy, sexy and seductive. Be the boss of YOUR world, strength and sexuality. Embrace your power and flaunt it in Kisskill Lingerie - an all-women owned, designed and operated small business.

Update your lingerie collection with the hottest essentials in women’s lingerie, women’s intimates and sleepwear. Find sexy lace and silk lingerie sets including bras, bralettes and briefs, bodysuits, g-strings, suspenders, stockings, hosiery, cami’s, slips, sleepwear and more.

Add a hint of seduction into your bedroom routine with luxury lingerie options to suit every body type from high waisted g-strings to lacey knickers and crotchless underwear. Accentuate your features with a 100% silk slip or figure hugging bodysuit. We even have some fun and kinky accessories including leather harnesses, cuffs and chokers! Lingerie isn’t just for in the bedroom, it should be shown to the world as well. Explore our range of lingerie as outerwear pieces for the perfect outfit to wear on a date or girls night out!

Maybe you prefer to lounge in luxury? Reap the benefits of sleeping in silk with our collection of opulent silk sleepwear and 100% silk sleep eye masks, made from the softest 20 momme 100% silk. Our lingerie, intimates and sleepwear options are both comfortable and sexy. Opt for co-ordinating sets, or mix and match your favourite styles!