• Underwear belongs in the closet — humans do not. 

    Underwear belongs in the closet — humans do not. 

    First and foremost - we believe that everyone deserves to feel sexy and secure in their physical body. For trans people, being able to experience lingerie shopping and buying underwear that affirms their gender identity is a huge step towards combating body dysphoria and finding comfort. Underwear is the foundation of any outfit, and many transgender people rely on fashion as a vital outlet...
  • Your Thoughts on Mazzing

    Your Thoughts on Mazzing

    To conclude Mazz May, we asked you to share your feelings on the matter (pun intended) and my oh my, can I just say, you lot are a saucy bunch... and we ain't mad! 
  • Mutual Masturbation

    Mutual Masturbation

    If you thought getting off solo was fun, wait ‘til you try self-pleasure with a lover!
  • Let's get down to Mazzing...

    Let's get down to Mazzing...

    So, you’ve been hearing us bang on about masturbating… our references to floating on clouds in heaven, accidental orgasms and five star toy reviews but you still don’t see what all the fuss is about? If this is relatable, the next one is for you! Maybe you’ve tried to give it a go, but just felt awkward, ashamed or couldn't get yourself in the...
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