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Irena Mesh Plunge Bra Black

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Irena Mesh Mini G-String Black

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KissKill Lingerie

Intimate with Aluong

by Customer Service 13 Jul 2020


Good Girl Rhi Rhi gets intimate with one of KISSKILL’s favourite Melbourne model Aluong Mangar, exploring her experiences with modeling and where she sees the future of diversity in fashion.

How did you start modelling?

AM: I got started doing beauty pageants, such as Miss Country. I just didn’t really like how it was very much the same personality, and the typical blonde hair, blue eyes. I wanted to experience what runway high fashion was like. I got into modelling through that. I did high fashion for a couple of years with an agency called Dahlia Models. From there I went to FRM Models. Then I went to London Management and back to FRM. I have been doing modelling for 6 years now.

Do you love it?

AM: I really do. I love how I can express myself through image and how I can dress up and tell a story or sell a product.

Who are your biggest inspirations?

AM: One of my biggest inspirations from modelling is Naomi Campbell. I love that she is very strong, outspoken, stands for who she is, and really promotes diversity.

I also love Cheyenne Tozzi. She is kinda cool, not your everyday high fashion model, but someone who is your everyday type of girl.

What are some of your other passions?

AM: My other passion is designing. I love creating looks, especially in luxe wear and lingerie. I have been doing a lot of sketches and wanting to get into the lingerie world. I want to promote all sizes, sort of like how Rihanna did. I think lingerie is one of those industries that is slowly starting to recognise diversity but obviously has such a long way to go.

AM: A little bit, but I think we can do better. I would like to see more diversity when it comes to lingerie in the industry. So far it has been really disappointing. You see people of colour going into shop, and the girl in the picture doesn’t really look like them or the figure doesn’t really go with their body.

It would be really good if I could see different sizes, different shapes, and different colours of women.

Australia is lacking diversity in every department. They are lacking on the beauty side of things. Australia is very multicultural, so we need to see a bit of everything. Having two girls of colour on a runway is not diversity. Having three girls is not diversity. That’s what I would like to see more of – more colour on the runway and more sizes on the runway – not just your typical size 4.

Was there anything else you wanted to talk about in relation to how the fashion industry can improve?

AM: The industry can improve by including all type of models on the runway. Fashion Week is where everyone is looking forward to seeing the new trends and styles. There are so many people out there who are into fashion but when they go and see girls walking down the runway they get disappointed because it is not your everyday type of girl. You think – that would not look good on me, because that girl looks different. It takes away the whole love of fashion for some people.

They should include different races and be more multicultural in the runway, instead of just casting your everyday Australian girl.

What do you love about the fashion industry?

AM: I love how you can be creative and be who you are. My style and how I dress is casual chic – that is just me. It depends on the occasion. If I was to go for brunch, I would dress nice, just boot heels, white tee, jeans and a blazer. That is my brunch type of look. Evening would be very chic – just a simple black dress with heels or stilettos.

Favourite past shoot?

AM: I have quite a few! I just did the shoot with Kisskill. That was exciting. It was my first time back – I haven’t done a lingerie shoot in two years. I love working with Kisskill. I love playing around with their pieces and seeing how I feel. It brings a sexy innocent vibe out of me – like a 1950s kind of thing. The hair and the lace and the lining. Everything about it was really well done.

I had a good time, even though it was cold. It was cold, but as soon as the camera turns on it brings a different side to me, a different ego. It was a fun experience. I love shooting with Kisskill.

I did Kisskill for the first time in 2017 with My Lingerie Addiction. She dressed me up in a wrap. It looks like a dress but it is lingerie. It hugs you, like a bandage. From there, I fell in love with Kisskill.

I love going to Kisskill and seeing the mannequins, it’s like a different world. The environment there is good, the girls are great. It’s a great team!

Any other favourites?

AM: It is so hard to think of which one is the favourite! I did a beauty shoot for Anastasia and it was in a tub. They did my makeup and I was underwater. It was really good – it just looked glossy, if you can try and picture it. It was just eye makeup and lipstick and me with a t shirt underwater for a makeup look.

The shoot was more beauty and I loved the colour. I’m not really a colour person when it comes to makeup, but when she was playing around with the bright colours, it looked beautiful on the skin. It is something I wouldn’t wear, but when I looked at the photos after, the colours just popped. It was really beautiful.

How did you feel in the Dolce set?

AM: I felt really sexy. I love how it looked like a Grace Kelly/ Marilyn Monroe type of vibe. It is very elegant, but innocent and sexy at the same time. That’s what I love about the Dolce. The soft pink isn’t very girly. It’s not your powerful statement piece, but elegant. I can’t find the right words for it!

What styles would you like to see more of?

AM: In the fashion world, I would like to see more of the 60s and 50s type of fashion. Blazer type suit fitting, high waist. I am into that type of style. Ladies looking like more ladies. Well put together and also very chic. That’s more of what I would like to see. Everyone in Australia pretty much looks the same now! As for lingerie, I would like to see more styles like the Dolce, the three piece with the suspenders. I would like to see more representation of curvy people and girls of colour. Africa, India, they all need to be represented.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

AM: Currently I am working on my label, so hopefully that takes off. Hopefully that’s what I will be doing in a couple of years.

That’s so exciting, can you talk about it or is it under wraps?

AM: It’s under wraps. You will definitely know when it comes out. I might do a little collab with Kisskill. You never know yet!


Aluong wears the Dolce G-string in Red: SHOP HERE


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