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Kisskill 'Use me' campaign video

Posted on 24 March 2013

Saturday 23rd of March started at 4:45am for our me & campaign model Chrissy Walzcak. Make-up artist Samantha Coles was up bright and early to do a super speedy hair & make up so we could leave by 6:15am to get to our location.

We took off with the car loaded with lingerie and watched the sun come up with our extra large, extra black coffee's in hand. At our location which could be described as nothing more than a 2 star roadhouse behind a service station we met our team. Nathan Bobik & Sher Taulla directors of Shot-cut entertainment were already up & ready setting up the camera and planning the first take. With a deadline to get the scenes shot before the the sun rose too high - we had to put our skates on! 

Stylist Elaine Marshal's room looked like she had moved in for good - boxes of shoes, clothing racks & clothes steamers filled her room as she worked helping Chrissy into her first outfit for the day. 

Matt Sofo - music producer behind the track that will go behind the video was also our extra & stunt man. I say stunt man as he suffered rope burn, got smacked in the face several times, spent way too long tied to a railway track & a bit of driving. He kept us entertained & in hysterics for most of the day also. 

Allot of truck drivers & country locals couldn't believe their eyes with Chrissy strutting around in her underwear. A reporter from the local paper also appeared to photograph what Im sure will make front page of the next edition! 

I cant wait to share the result of our day with you, we had such a great day working with Chrissy, Nathan, Sher, Elaine, Matt & my friends Lucy and Vicky. - thank you team xoxo



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  • christian p: March 27, 2013

    awesome blog post and great photo’s! they really tell a story

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