KISSKILL & Sara Fabel on location with Peter Coulson

On Monday the 18th of February I took the drive to Peter Coulson's studio on the outskirts of the Dandeong ranges. His studio itself is a 'candy store' to any photographer with anything a photographer, hair & make-up artist or model could dream of or need for a day of shooting. Sitting in the make-up chair having her hair done by make up artist best known as Dani Frankenstein is where I met Sara Fabel.

Needing no introduction, Sara is an icon with a following on Facebook & Instagram in the hundreds of thousands its not hard to know why. With her gorgeous figure totally illustrated with amazing, mostly self drawn ink, its hard to pull your eyes away from Sara. She is a girl with many stories, much life experience and varied talents.

Arriving at our location at an abandoned golf course and exploring the setting for the shoot it also became clear that Sara is an amazing girl on many levels. Working in the heat a day reaching the mid 30s was all in a days work & lots of hilarious stories were shared. The day was relaxed and being around Peter is always fun. It was a great day of getting to know everyone as well as creating a bit of art with the equally iconic Peter! Thanks Sara, Peter, Dani & Lucy!  Jane x


The golf course was abandoned - but we still had a chuckle about the dress code.  



Sara found a beautiful stick insect & happens to know lots about them & also used to keep giant Spiders.

Being with Sara for the day in the woods felt a little bit like being in a dream with a mystical creature, I think this photo captures this! Look at all that hair!

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