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Under the sheets with Bijoux Indiscrets

Posted on 25 January 2016

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a lady in possession of a Bijoux product must be in want of an orgasm...

We at KISSKILL have taken it upon ourselves to assist in the most important part of every person's life: orgasms! In store and online we are now stocking Bijoux's range of sexual healing lotions and potions, all designed for your bedroom pleasure. Discover each product below.

 Oral Pleasure: Arousal Lip Gloss

So go *downtown*, things will be great when you're *downtown*. No finer place for sure *downtown*. Everything's waiting for you!

Us gals are definitely in concurrence! The Bijoux lip gloss combines natural ingredients, ensuring you forget all your troubles and forget all your cares when you do go downtown. The best thing about this product is it is unisex, making it compatible with the intimate areas of both sexes (hallelujah). 

The heat effect produced by the capsicum will enhance his sensitivity, stimulating the microcirculation in his intimate area. When you've finished bobbing the mint kicks in; arousing his love muscle with a gentle and cool tickling sensation. For you lucky ladies, the hot/ cold effect will augment microcirculation and orgasms, and.... can act as a lip plumper!

Just when you thought it couldn't get ANY better, this product is completely vegan friendly and sugar free, so feel free to enjoy many moments on the lips, without a worry for the hips! 

Take your orgasm in a bottle anywhere and everywhere. Your friends, colleagues and parents will be none the wiser due to its discreet packaging. Share it with your bestie! Though it looks like a lip gloss, this sex serum is expelled through a dispenser so no need to worry about cross contamination!

Twenty One: Bijoux 2- in- 1 Silicone Gel 

I hear ya, lube is lube. But not really! Bijoux's 21 silicone lubricant is more slippery than a politician's conscience (yes I googled the joke) but definitely more robust (that last part was my own).

Literally imagine being a water wiggly. That is what this lube is like. For those of you who are unsure what a water wiggly is, here is a photo I found courtesy of Google and an hour and a half of unsuccessful/mildly disturbing internet searches:


Note: do not search "Questacon wristi souvenir". You will be severely underwhelmed. 

Bijoux's slippery silicone sauce is much more than just a lubricant. It doubles as a massage oil and ice cream topping. Disclaimer: do not put on ice cream. 

Apply liberally to the body and enjoy the sensuous feeling of skin on skin with gel in between... mmm sexy. The silicone means this lubricant is completely water resistant (to remove wash with soap and water). Though this product is compatible with latex it is not able to be used with silicone, so check before using with toys.


The Aphrodisia range:

The sense of smell is both erotic and titillating. The arousal, the longing. The deep yearn within as you chemically react to the pheromones excreted from your cheeseburger... 

Bijoux has used this logic when creating Aphrodisia. Using a recipe from the Kama Sutra, the deeply seductive scent lures the senses and teases los genitales. Aphrodisia combines roses, jasmine and ylang- ylang to create an erotic and captivating fragrance. 

    Aphrodisa: Orgasm Enhancer balm 

    This one's just for you ladies! Your very own orgasm ointment! Apply a drop or two to your finger and rub into the clitoris. After a few minutes the ginseng and arginine will activate, adding sensitivity to touch and increasing sensibility in the area. 

    Your 100% natural love lotion will intensify all those ~sensations~ making your climax stronger than ever before! Apply and hop on the city circle tram. You won't be stopping after you start, that's for sure. 



    Aphrodisia 2-in-1: Scented Silicone Massage and Intimate Gel 

    Insert all of the above re the Twenty One Lubricant (water wiggly, politician, fingers after KFC etc) and apply to Bijoux's Aphrodisia 2 in 1 gel. Now add the secret scent, Aphrodisia and voila! I present Lube 2.0!

    Bijoux's Aphrodisia 2-in-1 massage and intimate gel is designed to heighten intimate pleasure by arousing both the olfactory and tactile senses. Made from silicone, this gel can be taken for a steamy spa sesh and will remain seductively slippery...


    Bijoux's range can be found in store or online at KISSKILL lingerie. Meet the products for yourself. You won't regret it. x




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