Valentine's Day at KISSKILL!

February 14: for many, a day of love. For others, a day of sarcastic Facebook posts and over indulgence of cheap wine. As someone who has been at both ends of the spectrum, I can understand the resistance to a holiday that seemingly favours those with a "significant other". If Cupid's arrow may have missed you entirely, or if it has shot you deep in the ~feels~, February 14 is a day to bask in the glory of punny cards and marked up chocolates.

Shopping for the perfect gift:

Conclusive research has shown that the longevity of one’s relationship is directly correlated with gift choices. 100% of those polled stated that receiving lingerie was an instant relationship accelerator. 100% also noted that gifts like chocolates and roses, though appreciated, are grossly generic and aided in the demise of otherwise “healthy” connections.


* Those polled consisted largely (entirely) of myself.

** I have no idea how to use excel.

 To make things even easier, I have compiled my top 5 "Saint and Sinners" Valentine's Day gift ideas.


For the saints:

‘Tori’ Ivory

Don those wings and call me Cupid. ‘Tori’ Ivory is both sweet and romantic, with a hint of bow chicka wow wow. The balconette cup in this bra makes her perfect to cradle those lady lumps, while the lace offers a cheeky peek into what lies beneath.

Pair with delicate ivory ‘Fiore’ robe for the ultimate fantasy and take him all the way to cloud nine.

‘Sugar Babe’

 Flirty and fun, 'Sugar Babe' is the adorable set for the girl who wants to play Cupid. Made from a heart patterned tulle, ‘Sugar Babe’ showcases all those naughty bits in the saintliest way she can.

 Completely practical, the thick silk band offers maximum support for day to day wear. Take it to the back, and the flattering Brazilian knickers are the perfect shape to show off that perky peach.


‘Rozalia’ slip

No bra size necessary! Let’s be honest, a lot of men are shopping for you the day before (if not the day of) V Day. So why complicate things? A slip is the perfect gift for her and the easiest for him.

Made from delicate chiffon, the ‘Rozalia’ slip is the perfect combination of elegance and sexy. Sheer enough to tease, but obscured enough to keep him guessing, the ‘Rozalia’ slip is sexy as hell.


Annnnd the sinners:


Lana red

… for the minimalist.

When it comes to ‘Lana’, less is definitely more. Back after popular demand, this quarter cup fantasy has all the things a sinner could need. The delectable overt bra and knicker combo screams sex appeal, showcasing your favourite features. Leaving little to the imagination, this steamy silk set says “hi, voulez-vous coucher avec moi ?

And did you know, red makes you go faster?


‘Tiah’ black

When ‘Tiah’ made her debut last year, it was astounding how quickly she sold out! Reminiscent of her sister, ‘Lana’, ‘Tiah’ features a similar quarter cup mould, however her boned lace gives the structure and support of a full cup. 

Completed with detachable collar, ‘Tiah’ can take any little saint to a sinner within seconds. Add hold ups and a robe, and see your partner melt like putty in your deliciously devilish hands. 



Visit our Chapel Street Devils and angels for all your Valentine’s needs!

See you soon love birds x

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