Outerwear 101: How to style your KISSKILL.

One of the most common questions I get asked at KISSKILL is how to get the most wear out of your pieces. The answer is simple: outerwear! Though styling lingerie can seem daunting, there is nothing more satisfying than finding multiple ways to wear your intimates to make sure you get the most out of them.

1. Layering

Layering is your best friend. Doubling up a sheer or overt bra can really maximise wearability while creating a statement. If you are finding your lingerie is a little too “bedroom”, pop on some pasties for modesty. Expose a lace panel or a silk strap beneath a cropped jacket for a stellar style!

2. Bodies

When shopping for outerwear pieces, look no further than the bodysuit. Bodysuits are great for a number of reasons: they require very little styling, they can be layered effortlessly, AND (most importantly) when you drink too much and decide to swim in the Yarra at midnight, ditch your jeans and it will transform into a swimsuit!

Pop beneath your clothes during those cooler months to stay toasty warm, or transform into outerwear by adding trousers or shorts. 

3. The top.

My favourite way to style lingerie is so simple it hurts. The top. The sheer top, the button up top, the V neck top: all of these options ensure your fave bras are showcased simply and effectively. Ditch the jewellery and utilise your bra as a fashion accessory! You will be surprised how many bland outfits you can transform by exposing the right bra beneath! 


4. The Silk Slip


The silk slip is an outerwear dream. This year we have witnessed the rise of this must have item. KISSKILL’s ‘Rhiana’ slip (named after yours truly) is everything it should be. The low back dips to create a flattering V shape, held in place by a double silk strap. Available in black or blood red silk, this delicious little number ticks all the right boxes. Pair with heels for a chic party outfit, or dress down with sneakers for day time wear, the 'Rhiana' slip is outerwear perfection. 

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