Cheeky and playful looks made to tease

For the fun and flirty long lunches, that turn into steamy nights and intimate encounters over one-too-many red wines!
Make your statement in Olympia - A collection of progressive designs, exhibiting strong shapes and clean lines in your choice of black or a passionate fiery red form-fitting patterned stretch lace, flattering for all body types. Designed with a woman's needs in mind, Olympia gives you the best of both worlds; soft and comfortable enough to wear all day whilst still maintaining enough allure to tempt and tantalise in the evening! 

The 'Olympia' collection - cheeky and playful looks made to tease!


Forget the traditional LBD (little black dress) and say 'Hi!' to your newest wardrobe staple - the LBB (little black bodysuit). This is the ULTIMATE piece to sex-up the classic 'jeans and a nice top' look. Pair the Olympia ultra-low scoop back bodysuit with your favourite high-waist black jeans, for a suggestive look that says 'what's underneath?!' Or, for a boundary-pushing look, oozing sex appeal, team with a faux leather mini skirt. Plus, your new favourite bodysuit features a high-leg g-string cut to keep that peach perky and proud - no vpl in sight!
KissKill recommends wearing this look: When you know you'll be bumping in to your ex... Remind him/her what they're missing, and what they're NOT getting back! 


For the dramatic and daring, take things up a notch with the ultimate commanding combo of the Olympia suspender tank and crotchless G-string. Add some pasties to the look and strap your suspender tank to a pair of wet-look stay-ups for major femme fatale vibes. You won't want to take this outfit off! and you don't have to... Crotchless G-string, need we say more?
KissKill recommends wearing this look: Hotel room hook-up (Open the door wearing this, and watch their jaw hit the floor). Go all out by wearing a trench coat over top, adopting a pseudonym, "Hi, I'm Candy, come on in..." and engaging in a little role play! 


Forget boring basics. The Olympia bralette and high waist g-string complement any body shape, creating a soft silhouette whilst still maintaining an element of sex appeal! The stretch lace hugs the body in all the right ways, with the bralette featuring a contouring underbust seam to create a flattering shape. Wear the bralette and g-string all day with comfort and ease, then slip out of your clothes (or have them torn off you!) when you hit the bedroom to reveal this cheeky little  surprise underneath!
KissKill recommends wearing this look: on your next Hinge date - Show off your sexy silhouette under your favourite outfit for "Hello's" and first impressions, then reveal this cheeky little surprise underneath later in the evening. Your second date will be scheduled before the night is over! 


Olympia bodycon slip got us feelin' dangerous... layer with the Olympia suspender tank attached to lace stay-ups and your favourite over the knee boots, buckle up a choker and cuffs and live out your (and their) ultimate dominant vamp fantasy. If you choose to wear underwear (totally optional, of course...) the Olympia red crotchless G-string makes for a nice little spicy surprise!  
KissKill recommends wearing this look: to surprise your lover as you make them a meal at home, dinner won't be the only HOT thing in the kitchen! Remove the need to take your sexy lingerie on-and-off, this little baby makes for an easy slide-up solution *wink wink* so you can keep it on, while you get off! Clear the table after dinner and jump on top of it for 'dessert'...
Enjoy yourselves #kisskilladdict's. Explore the collection, and your imagination with 'Olympia' online and in-store now.
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