Let's get down to Mazzing...

So, you’ve been hearing us bang on about masturbating… our references to floating on clouds in heaven, accidental orgasms and five star toy reviews but you still don’t see what all the fuss is about? If this is relatable, the next one is for you!

Maybe you’ve tried to give it a go, but just felt awkward, ashamed or couldn't get yourself in the right headspace? Masturbating is equal parts mental as it is physical. For me (Ruby), masturbating is something that is ritualistic. Getting comfortable, scrolling XNXX to find just the right video, flicking to that favorite page of erotica, choosing my toy depending on how i'm feeling and making sure my phone is on ‘do not disturb’ so I don’t get any texts from Mum are all a part of my ritual. If you haven't yet discovered your ritual, let's have a chat!

First things first… 

It's important to not have any expectations when you start. Even for the most experienced masturbators, the pressure to orgasm is the killer of cumming. Getting comfortable and relaxed is KEY to getting to know your body. Make sure you find somewhere you feel safe and won't be disrupted - your bed is always a good place to start. 

Getting in the mood is your next step. How you choose to do this is personal. I think self-massage is amazing. Grab the massage oil,  start at your neck and work your way down. Don't underestimate the power of feeling yourself up -  the chest area is sensitive and nipples are full of nerve endings! If you are a porn lover or reader of erotica, now would be the moment to start scrolling or reading. Slowly touching yourself whilst you do this can be just as enjoyable as experiencing an orgasm!

You're horny, now what?

Take your time, don't rush. Find what works and what doesn't. For vagina owners, it is only a very small percentage who cum from penetration alone. Clit stimulation is where it’s at for most. The desired speed and pressure applied is personal and unique to each person. Find your rhythm, what feels good and what doesn't. Some people find pleasure and reach climax by grinding a pillow, some like gentle finger stimulation. Unfortunately I can't tell you exactly what will get you off, but experimenting with different sensations will help you find your vibe!

To climax or not to climax … 

I believe in enjoying the ride. As the great Aaliyah once said “if at first you don't succeed, you can dust yourself off and try again” don't be discouraged if you find it difficult to cum. This is actually common. If you experience an orgasm, congrats! If you don't, keep at it. It's complicated, but I believe in you! Just remember it's all about the journey, it's not always about the destination. Stay sexy, Ruby Woo x


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Jacqui W’s Toy-buying Guide
We’re definitely big advocates of learning to get comfortable with touching your own body, BEFORE adding toys to your ritual! But when you feel you’re ready to level up your self-pleasure game, here’s a run-down on our picks for spicing up those solo sessions:



This little baby is perfect for masturbation newbies – she’s compact, she’s gorgeous, and most of all, she’s quiet, but powerful. A precision point bullet vibrator, the Rose 2 is specifically designed for clitoral stimulation, but is perfect for other erogenous zones as well as you’re warming up (hello, nipple play!).

With 5 speeds and 5 vibration patterns, the Rose 2 also packs the right punch without overwhelming you with options. We recommend starting with the lighter vibration settings as you start getting to know what feels good for your body, and don’t be afraid to try out the different patterns it offers! It can be great to mix it up when you’ve got time for a longer session, as a way to really just sink into the pleasure without rushing for an orgasm.

Psst… Did you know that the majority of the nerve endings in the vagina are located towards the entrance? So while the Rose 2 was best designed for external play, try using her for some internal stimulation if you’re vibing that!

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Air-pulse Clitoral Vibrator

Oh, baby. As anyone who’s ever tried a clitoral sucker will tell you… once you crack, there ain’t no goin’ back. We can pretty much guarantee that this little number will ruin you for all your other toys. All you really have to do is position the sucker over your clit, sit (or lie) back, and enjoy.

The air-pulse and suction technology this toy uses is meant to mimic the sensation of oral sex – and goddamn, does it ever. They don’t call it BETTER THAN YOUR EX for no reason! If you have trouble reaching orgasm, we definitely recommend trying this toy.

The Rose 2 vibe is a great multipurpose toy (use solo or partnered, on the clit or elsewhere), but the Air-pulse clitoral sucker is especially suited to solo play. Because it envelops the whole clit and encourages blood flow through its suction, it also heightens your sensitivity and may therefore help you reach orgasm better. So to recap – You. Need. This. Toy!

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The Majesty 2 Vibrator

Everybody needs a wand vibrator in their arsenal. For the times when you just want something a little more heavy duty, OR (a personal hot tip of ours) when you can’t even be arsed taking your underwear off but still wanna get off - the Majesty 2 will get you there. The larger surface area of the Majesty 2’s vibrating head means it’s a great toy for stimulating more than just the clit – enjoy her rumbly vibes all over the vulva, and the perineum, too. We also love the Majesty 2 for partnered use, with other vulva owners or penis owners. For the latter, try using the toy for stimulating the frenulum, scrotum, or perineum!

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Abbie G-Spot Vibrator

The Abbie G-Spot vibrator is our absolute top pick if you’re a couple in the market looking to introduce your first toy in the bedroom, because she can be used both internally for solo fun, and externally during partnered play. In other words, you get even more bang for your buck (pun intended). The head of the Abbie vibe is specifically designed to stimulate the G-area within the vagina, with an ergonomic design to make hitting the right spots easy and comfortable – because nobody needs a wrist cramp while they’re trying to get their rocks off. And for partnered fun, the slim, pointed profile of the vibe’s head also means that she’s perfect to use on the clit during penetrative play (think during missionary, doggy-style, or cowgirl)

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Finley Cock Ring

And for our penis-owning readers, we haven’t forgotten you! The Finley vibrating cock ring is designed to prolong your erections and enhance your pleasure as well as a partner’s: used solo, the vibrations are a bonus that amp up your sensitivity and sensations, and when used with a partner, the vibrating head is also perfect for clitoral or anal stimulation during penetrative play. Honestly, it’s a win-win-WIN. Prolonged pleasure for you, 10 different vibration modes and speeds, and your partner benefits too. And if it’s your first time using a cock ring like this, don’t worry – the Finley is made with medical-grade, super soft silicone, and while the ring may look small, it stretches nice and wide.

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Now that you’re equipped with all of the tools (including your own that are on the end of your arms!) Go forth and mazz, lovers!

Xoxo, Ruby Woo and Jacqui W
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